The Perfect Place for Front End Developer Training

Web pages like the one you are viewing are made by a dedicated team of web designers and developers. It is an exciting field, and if you too, wish to join the elite team of designers who help create easy to navigate sites such as these, you need front end developer training on an urgent basis.

Front-end web development is the term used to define the task involved in making any website functional. The work of web designers is to make a web portal or mobile app, and the front end developers ensure that the navigation through the site is a smooth and hassle free process.

front end developer training

Future TechnoLabs – a place for your dreams to come true!

We, at Future Techno Labs, provide you with web design and development training that not only makes you competent but also an expert in this field. A website works as efficiently as its developers. With the changing dynamics in the technology sector, IT experts also need to keep abreast with the changes.

To create a successful web page, you need to understand the dynamics of different systems (mobile, tablets, computer) as well as different platforms (android, windows, iOS). A successful web developer is one who can integrate the elements of his training to create an effortless navigating system in a web page.

Web developer training course

To earn big bucks is every individual’s dream; to earn them fast would be the icing on the cake! You can earn to the tunes of hundreds of thousands of dollars per annum, as the entry level salary of a web developer is an astounding $51000 per year! You can convert those $ signs in your eyes, to actual money, if you become an expert in the tools used for front end development of any website. The various programs that the training course covers are:

  1. HTML (Hyper Text Marker Language)
  2. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  3. Javascript
  4. jQuery
  5. AJAX

Why choose Future Techno Labs for this course?

Many organisations are providing online courses and claim to provide you expertise in the respective fields. However, you should choose the course as well as the service providing organisation smartly, as your future is at stake. Apart from the tools and techniques utilized in the field of web development, the course offered by us also entails the following:

  • Advanced content which is constantly updated keeping in mind the industry requirements and latest trends.
  • Projects assigned to hone your hands-on training. You will be provided with experts who will guide you as well as analyse your work to provide inputs for your progress and future benefits.
  • Tie-ups with major organisations to provide on-site training as well as job opportunities.

What’s your future after Future Techno labs?

After your training with us, you should be an expert in the codes that helps run any webpage and will be able to independently design excellent navigating web portals. You can start your career by starting your own web designing and developing company or join one of the many websites.

Each and every major website such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook etc. utilize the services of web developers. You can take a guess, what web developers may be getting paid! In case, you too wish to brighten your future, enroll for the Front end developer training course offered by us at Future techno labs, by the earliest.

Secure an Amazing Career with Job Placement Consultants in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is one of the major cities in Gujarat. There has been tremendous growth in that state in the past decade and a half, with more industries setting their offices, factories and industries in the city. With this incredible growth in the city, job placement in Ahmedabad has also skyrocketed. Individuals from different cities, with degrees under their belt and stars in their eyes, come seeking jobs which would boost their career.

Ahmedabad has the distinct advantage of being a city offering high paying jobs, great connections and at the same time offering a life to live, which is somehow not possible in other metropolitan cities. These advantages have led to the advent of many job placement consultants in Ahmedabad.

job placement in Ahmedabad

Education and Job Scenario

Education is a means to get well placed, big bucks earning job these days. Every individual who starts studying expects a good salaried job, as a result of all the hard work done during his or her student days.

Even the parents are so concerned about the future of their child that they go over and above the required norms to provide the best to their children. In today’s world, cut-throat competition exists, where students are denied admission in colleges for their favourite course because of a difference of 0.1 or 0.01% from cut off! Yes, that is the naked and glaring truth of today’s education scenario, which turns out to be grim when it comes to job placements too. Help is available in the form of consultants, who help you secure decent jobs.

How do consultancies work?

The work of job placement consultants is to serve as an intermediary between the clients (industries or corporate houses) and the candidate. Many companies advertise for posts, conduct interviews and select candidates through their own HR department. However, there are quite a number of firms that seek placement through agencies. In the latter scenario, the jobs are not advertised but the openings are available through job placement consultants, whose work is to send the profile of candidates fitting the criteria, to the concerned department.

Job seekers or candidates are required to fill forms, which contain their personal as well as professional details and their preference regarding jobs and salaries. These details are cross-checked and verified before adding the client’s profile. As and when a job opening comes up, the requirements of the posts are cross-checked with the candidate profiles and the most suitable candidate’s profile is sent for further action. Once the profile is selected, it undergoes a series of interviews before being selected.

Why opt for recruiters to get a job?

Most companies don’t advertise jobs on an open platform. They prefer to hire individuals through placement consultants or recruitment agencies, as it saves them the hassle of verifying applicants’ details. The applicants registered with agencies undergo strict background verification, as the reputation of the agency is at stake.

Sometimes, hiring is for a temporary job or a project, which may or may not end up in a job offer. Such offers are also catered to by recruitment agencies. To seek a job that is just up your alley fulfils your criterion and offers you a great pay, apply through any of the job placement consultants in Ahmedabad.

How MCA Project Training Helps Boost your Career

The constant upgrades and developments have led to a great demand for professionals who can fill in to bridge the gap between demand and supply. MCA and B. Tech. students are in great demand in the software sector. However, without any practical experience, they cannot be of much help. Hence, MCA project training is essential for final year students, to gain actual work experience.

MCA Project Training

Education is the backbone, on which our society exists. A great amount of emphasis has been laid on quality education in our country, since time immemorial. Even our ancient texts and mythological stories inform you that the protagonists went to ‘gurukuls’ to gain not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. Knowledge is power and having proper guidance and training can serve to further improve your potential as an individual as well as any institution that you become a part of. Gaining practical training benefits you in the long run.

MCA last semester project training: why is it essential?

Masters in Computer Application or MCA as it is widely known is a 3 years duration course, which includes a semester (6 months) of practical training (generally in the last semester). This course is one of the most sought after by students (BCA as well as B. Tech) as well as industry people.

The reason for its popularity is that in the entire duration of the course,  students become well versed with all the latest trends in the software industry. The 6 months project provides them with an opportunity to handle live situations, target delivery on time and actual hands-on practical experience.

Computers, as we know are the backbone of the digital world. Slowly and steadily, almost every organisation is shifting its modus operandi from paper to digital. So, in the coming days, there is going to be a huge demand for people who are computer savvy, not just on paper (theoretically) but also practically able to handle the given situation. Thus, it is essential to gain practical training, preferably in an industry, during your course work, to make you understand the pressures of deadlines as well as to see your fruits of labour prosper.

What does MCA training involve?

The current software scenario is quite bright. The government is inching towards digitalization of various platforms. The private sector too is competing fiercely to stay on top of the field, with most start-ups preferring to do business online. Mobile companies are ruling the world, as more and more people are getting addicted to this gadget.

All-in-all, it is a win-win situation for computer literate people. If you have hands-on experience in any of the currently in demand programs, you can earn big bucks straight out of college! The major programs and technologies that are currently in vogue and in which training is offered during MCA course are as follows:

  • Development of a website (HTML, JAVA, CSS, PHP, JOOMLA, ASP.NET, MYSQL etc.)
  • Designing webpages (Flash, Photoshop, HTML, XHTML, and Animation etc. for website structure and layout)
  • SMO (social media optimisation)
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Programming languages like C, C++, and VB.NET etc.
  • Software development for different mobile platforms like Android, Windows, iOS etc.

Apart from the technical knowledge that is imparted to the students, other aspects of the training include:

  • Stimulated learning with practical hands-on experience working on live projects.
  • Opportunity to work with and assist professional web developers on their projects.
  • Soft skills training as well as an opportunity to work in prestigious organisations, which may result in a job offer (depending on your performance)

MCA as a course can be done as a distance learning program too. However, what can make the difference in your job and the respective salary is the practical workplace experience you have. Practical training is absolutely necessary for almost any field. This is so because there is a huge amount of difference in what should be done (theoretically) and what is done (practically).

Sometimes, what you read in books is not applicable in a live situation. Each and every course that has a practical application like B. Tech, M. Tech, M. Sc. etc. insist on a semester of practical training. Similarly, MCA project training is a part of a similar trend, which offers the students applied hands-on training on how things work in a professional environment.